About Raw Sunworld

Raw sun world is an integral part of Raw Group and it is one of the inevitable part of this group through which the culture, tradition, social system and entertainment system of our country named Bangladesh will come to a glimpse to the whole world. Like the rising of the sun, Raw sun world is established only to start a new entertainment door by making movie, drama, tragedy, and play where the pastoral scenario, rural din and bustle will get a better shape in the movie. Unlike other movie maker or other countries movie story production we don’t want to produce show only for entertainment but both the combination of entertainment and reality, so that the ongoing generation can take a better lesson watching our movie.

In Bangladesh there are many sides which are yet unrevealed due to lack of intellectuals, movie production system, apt producer and so on and this is the reason why most of the people avoid themselves from going to Bangla movie theatre and accept other countries movie. Surely one day some organization or some individual would have raised this problem with solution and this is the time when Raw Group`s sun world raised the problem of ongoing movie making system with solution. So we have started our mission of movie making indulging appropriate movie maker, producer, best silver screening system and also the most popular hero/heroine.