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About raw group

Raw group is a unique group which is established concerning the ongoing fashion, trade, software and a vision to acquaint our country, Bangladesh to the unknown of the world. Our main concern is to add a new window of fashion throughout the world selecting the best fashion from each and every corner of the world and this is a process where any talented fashion designer can participate in the world latest fashion design competition through our organization.

The second stage is established on trade, a trade which is mostly known and the biggest trade all over the world. It is known as Forex that elaboration is foreign exchange trading and it is a way that any person can take part in the market of world trade and can easily earn the expected income he want, undoubtedly in a legal way by fulfilling our terms and conditions.

Our third concern is to make a documentary film in a continuous process to introduce our countries culture and tradition in the world and we also will telecast our country by making films, drama where the pathetic life style of the urban and the sorrowful life process of village society will get a better reflection.

Our concluding subject is a self reliant and self dependent software firm to uphold the projects of our companies which is maintained by the intellectuals in software engineering of raw group.

Why Raw

Raw is only made to make your dream come fulfill, it means to ahead your step towards the next generation, it is to make the proper use of your intelligence. Raw is determined to ripe your dream. Raw is a constitution where the demand of a needy can be fulfilled ,where the proper use of your wit is possible, where your fashion can get a new shape, finally it is we who are engaged to make our country famous to the unknown .yes, We are raw ,we are green and we are determined.